Born in the San Francisco Mission District, for the past two decades Bayonics has mixed Reggae and Latin music to create a style as unique as the city they call home. They carry on the tradition of legendary Bay Area groups that sought to transcend genre, culture and injustice with their music. 

Bayonics is led by singer Jairo Vargas whose vocals slide from a raspy, percussive island vibe, to silky r&b. Being legally blind hasn’t slowed down Jairo’s ability to write, record and perform. He has channeled his life experience into songwriting and singing, creating music with a spirit and soul that inspires.




The next album from Bayonics is titled Levantamiento. Levantamiento, or “Uprising”, was born out of an emotional response to the killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and police brutality that escalated during the global pandemic.

The record is compiled of Roots Rhythms and a mixture of Spanish and English lyrics that reflect the social injustices that were being exposed. 

The album, which was recorded almost entirely remotely, boasts a host of collaborators. One of the main contributors to the project is producer and songwriter, Sam Revenna, a.k.a. “Samily Man”. The album also includes features by some of reggae’s most dynamic artists, including the prolific Eesah. 



“Herbsman Connection” represents the first single from Bayonics’ forthcoming reggae infused Levantamiento LP. This gritty roots reggae anthem honors the literal flowering of the cannabis movement across the nation during the pandemic, and pays homage to the Cali roots of the ganja revolution. 

Written during the peak of the lockdown, it speaks to the isolation of the pandemic and the reassurance that accompanied having a provider for one’s herbal medicine. This hookup insured a semblance of sanity, self care and creativity. 

“Herbsman Connection” was developed and written via a collaboration between lead singer Rojai of Bayonics, Ivan Garzon, the lead singer/bassist for San Diego based reggae band the Devastators, and Daren Bataara, the seasoned keyboard / vocalist for various Internationally-acclaimed reggae groups. From there, the track made its way to Kingston, Jamaica where Eesah blessed it up with cashmere-esque vocals, adding to his growing list of roots reggae jamz.



Opening with a haunting riddim reminiscent of Steel Pulse deep in the pocket vibes, “MrPoliceman” is a roots reggae track with a message to law enforcement.  Written during the turbulent months following the George Floyd murder in 2020, the song warns corrupt police that consequences cannot be delayed any longer. With its melodic refrain “you might be nice Mr Policeman, and Lord knows I don’t trust you. Had enough of your grievance; it’s no good what you’re up to”, the song reconnects with the roots of roots-reggae music, which calls on listeners to elevate their consciousness and connect to the important issues of our time. 

Written and produced by Sam Ravenna, aka Samily, and Jairo Vargas, the track seeks to provide a voice for peoples and communities who have suffered from the abuse of power by those who were sworn to serve, but have failed. This is the third single released in anticipation of the upcoming full length Bayonics LP Levantamiento. 



Bayonic’s latest singe, “Sigo Firme”  emerged from a collaboration between Bayonics and the extraordinary producer/musician Samily Man. Family Man’s heavy bass tones and clean skanks pay tribute to the Jamaican Roots sounds of the 1980s.  Combined with the unique and ever so eclectic city & gritty sound that Bayonics has perfected through over 20 years of gigging and grinding, Sigo Firme is a staple of the heaters packed by the Levantamiento LP.  

Although most of Bayonics will fluctuate between both English and Spanish, this particular riddim called on them to deliver solely in Spanish to resonate with the rest of the record. Sigo Firme means staying strong and calls on those who may be tempted to give in and give up during conflict and confusion to persevere, unite and stand strong as one.


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